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New and Used Pre-Owned Vehicle Dealer Fraud

What is automotive fraud?
This is a very broad question. In general, the sale or leasing of cars without a proper disclosure of known defects or dangerous conditions with the vehicle constitutes auto fraud.

There are various types of fraud:
What kinds of fraud can be perpetrated on a used car buyer? To name a few, forging your signature on a document, rolling back or replacing the odometer, falsifying figures or terms on a lease, lemon laundering, and lying about the previous ownership history. One of the most common types of fraud encountered by our clients is being sold a used car which later turns out to have extensive presale collision damage. Often the consumer, before purchasing the vehicle, asks the salesman if the car was ever in an accident and the salesman replies something like this: "Absolutely not! If it had been in an accident I couldn't sell you this vehicle even if I wanted to." Sometime later, when you discover to your chagrin that the car indeed had sustained major collision damage, the salesman's false claim may play back in your mind, but be assured that the salesman is never going to admit to having made such a pronouncement.

The Law Offices Of William McGee has retained and settled hundreds of automotive dealer fraud cases, with little or no cost to the client. You have consumer rights! Our law offices can ensure that you get the benefits of your consumer rights.

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